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Stay informed about news related to your stocks with AI assistance.

​LotusField Analytics gives you: 

  • News, reports, and press releases consolidated in one place.

  • We assist in interpreting financial news and data through AI summaries and sentiment analysis.

  • Gain insights into trending companies, industries, and technologies in the news flow and understand their impact on your investment portfolio.

  • Interpret information with cutting-edge tools and algorithms in generative AI and Natural Language Processing.

Will be avaliable spring 2024 

Thanks for your interest!

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Who We Are

Lotus Field Analytics uses cutting edge AI tools and analytics to see patterns, trends and insights out of the chaotic flow of financial news and data. By doing so, we can give clear insights into better investments, whether you are a casual investor, a day-trader or a company having a trading platform looking to find a new edge in user value and experience.


Hence, we are democratising investments - join our journey!


Organizational number: 559446-3878
Kungsgatan 6B, 972 3
3 Luleå, Sweden
Lotus Field Analytics AB

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